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Here at the Dairy Bear we take great pride in trying to bring you the finest desserts and food items. We shop continually among the best suppliers in our industry to bring you the best product at an affordable price.
We thank you a great deal for your patronage and we hope you enjoy your visit.
Also a special thanks to our great employees.
Owners: Jamie and Shelly DeGeer

We continue to do our best to provide you with the highest quality products produced right here in Michigan!
Our delicious creamy soft serve ice cream is produced from cows NEVER injected with bovine growth hormone (rBST). It is produced "farm fresh" right from cow to final packaging from "Country Dairy" in New Era, Michigan.
Our handdipped ice cream has been produced in West Michigan for over 75 years. Hudsonville Creamery continues to set the standard for the highest quality product right in Hudsonville, Michigan.
Our yummy treat toppers, "Cherries" and our "Strawberries" come from right up the road in beautiful Leelanau County.