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My name is Shelly DeGeer and I am currently the owner of the DB Lounge. I took over the Dairy Bear in the Spring of 2008 and havent looked back since. It seems that every year gets busier and busier! We at the Dairy Bear appreciate all of your support and will continue to provide you with the best ice cream around. My recommendation to anyone wanting a sweet treat is the strawberry sundae with extra whip cream!



If youve been to the Dairy Bear in the past 10 years then you should know me... I'm Carlie. I don't like making shakes or malts because they are boring! Let me make you something fun and exciting to brighten up your day... Try something like twist ice cream topped with hotfudge, Oreos, and strawberries! Yummy! Oh... and dont forget our amazing food menu if you need more than a treat. Here we call each other family and we want you to feel the love too so come visit the best place to be... the DB.



My name is Alexis and my favorite food group is icecream. I have no favorites, as I cannot choose. I enjoy making pecan turtles the best, but would prefer to just eat them. I also firmly believe that sprinkles and cookie dough can improve anyones day.



My name is Jenna but people call me Sparkles (for obvious reasons). I make the best ice-cream in the world! My favorites are as follows: Monday: small vanilla Tuesday: blue goo with sprinkles Wednesday: pecan turtle Thursday: brownie surprise Friday: cherry slushie Saturday: banana split with extra whip cream Sunday: banana berry fudge with extra fudge. "An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away" is my motto, so come see me at the DB!



My name is Peyton and joining the Dairy Bear crew three years ago was the best decision I have made! I love to see the community come together at this ice cream hot spot. My favorite thing is a root beer shake with LOTS of whipped cream, but I love making a classic banana split! Don’t forget to try a southwest chicken wrap, they’re my favorite. I’ll be here all summer folks, so come on down and visit your favorite DB girls!



My name is Alyse, your harvest festival queen and this is my third year at DB. My favorite thing at db is twist ice cream with loads of hot fudge. Or if youre feeling a little more adventurous, try this crazy combo of pineapple and peanut butter. If you ever order one of our hand dipped shakes, it will probably be made by me.



My name is Dani and I am a full on Ice Cream Enthusiast! My favorite is vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge, peanut butter, and chopped nuts. YUM!! I love to make banana splits and brownie surprises because they are so yummy and look soooo cute. If youre looking for something other than dessert make sure to check out our full menu of burgers, sandwiches, wings, and more. I hope to see lots of friendly faces this summer so be sure to come on over and say hi to us girls here at the DB!



Hi! Im Mickalia, I was so obsessed with Dairy Bear I decided to become apart of it. I love meeting new customers and serving the old ones. My favorite ice cream to snack on is a Carmel Apple Sundae, but everything is great! Swing on by, and remember we love to see your doggies too!



My name is Ashley! I started working here in the spring of 2016. My favorite thing to make are vanilla cones with sprinkles. If youre looking to try something knew I recommend strawberry cheesecake flurries with Oreos, or anything topped with whipped cream because whipped cream is amazingggg!



My name is Cassidy and Im still partly new, but I sure love what I do! Dairy Bear has always been my favorite place to stop and grab lunch and ice cream, so why not work here? My favorite ice cream is a brownie surprise with a cookie dough flurry as my second favorite! Be sure to swing by and grab a crispy chicken wrap or two!! I cant wait to see all of your happy faces!!



My name is Emma and I am so fortunate to be a part of the DB family. The Dairy Bear is the happiest place to be in Howard City, so come visit us today! My favorite thing to make is a S’more Please with extra whipped cream, the perfect dessert for summer! We are also known for our great food! My favorite would have to be the sweet potatoes fries, come on in and give them a try!



My name is Libby, and ice cream is my favorite food! This will be my second year here at the Dairy Bear. I love this job, because of the people that visit all summer long! My favorite things to make are frozen coffees and smoothies! I always recommend the cheesecake flurries and a grilled classic chicken wrap... they are AMAZING! The DB girls are so excited to see you all this summer!



Hi, Im Lena! Just because Im a newbie employee at DB, doesn’t mean Im a newbie to the ice cream. Ive tried just about everything on the menu, so if you need a recommendation Im your girl! Dairy Bear is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so I hope you come see the girls so we can hook you up!





Hey, my name is Bailey and I am so happy to be a part of the Dairy Bear crew! I started working last year at the end of the summer and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made! My favorite part about working here is how nice all of the employees are and how they are also very helpful! My favorite ice cream to make is any specialty sundae! My favorite food to eat is a mama burger with fries!! Please stop by and give Dairy Bear a try!



Hi my name is Alayna. Im one of the newbies this year and the last one from our family to join the Dairy Bear crew. Seeing all my family grow up and work here influenced me to work here too. My favorite ice cream is definitely coffee lovers dream in a waffle cone. Come see all of us, especially me, this summer at the DB!!