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My name is Shelly DeGeer and I am currently the owner of the DB Lounge. I took over the Dairy Bear in the Spring of 2008 and havent looked back since. It seems that every year gets busier and busier! We at the Dairy Bear appreciate all of your support and will continue to provide you with the best ice cream around. My recommendation to anyone wanting a sweet treat is the strawberry sundae with extra whip cream!



My name is Theresa and Im the new girl on the block. My summer is never better than when I am at the Dairy Bear. I believe that ice cream should be its own separate food group and our grilled chicken wraps are an amazing dinner for anyone. The Dairy Bear is a great place with a wonderful family atmosphere.



If youve been to the Dairy Bear in the past 10 years then you should know me... I'm Carlie. I don't like making shakes or malts because they are boring! Let me make you something fun and exciting to brighten up your day... Try something like twist ice cream topped with hotfudge, Oreos, and strawberries! Yummy! Oh... and dont forget our amazing food menu if you need more than a treat. Here we call each other family and we want you to feel the love too so come visit the best place to be... the DB.



My name is Alexis and my favorite food group is icecream. I have no favorites, as I cannot choose. I enjoy making pecan turtles the best, but would prefer to just eat them. I also firmly believe that sprinkles and cookie dough can improve anyones day.



My name is Kelsy and I believe that you could never go wrong with a flurry. My favorite would have to be a brownie flurry!. The DB crew is the best around and you will always get your ice cream served to you with a smile! :)



Hi my name is Emily, my favorite dessert to make is a small vanilla cone because they always look so pretty and clean. My favorite color is white... Which may also explain the vanilla cone. Sadly, this will be my last summer making delicious dairy bear treats, as I will be getting married to my Prince Charming and moving away. But I couldnt have asked for a better place to work or more amazing coworkers



Dairy Bear is the place to be, so come on in and visit me! My name is Jade, Im a seasoned vet and I make the best banana splits yet. Strawberry cheesecake is a favorite of mine. Come to the Lounge the DB crew is always looking mighty fine.



My name is Jenna but people call me Sparkles (for obvious reasons). I make the best ice-cream in the world! My favorites are as follows: Monday: small vanilla Tuesday: blue goo with sprinkles Wednesday: pecan turtle Thursday: brownie surprise Friday: cherry slushie Saturday: banana split with extra whip cream Sunday: banana berry fudge with extra fudge. "An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away" is my motto, so come see me at the DB!